As part of his visit to Northfield this weekend, former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses made a stop at the Northfield Middle School on Friday to meet with members of the Young Chefs program — an outreach effort of the Carleton College Firebellies Club.

Yosses is in the midst of his Northfield residency at the invitation of the Carleton organization.

The Young Chefs program is an after-school activity and summer camp that works to empower and engage youth through encouraging creativity in the kitchen, exploring culinary science, and creating mentor-student bonds, according to literature about the organization.

Yosses and four members of the Firebellies Club met with about 10 students in the Young Chefs program. Using the FACS room at the middle school, he gave a talk that was part cooking tutorial, part science lesson. While making a chocolate mousse using chocolate chips, gelatin and water, Yosses explained to the students that he was reassembling the elements of cocoa butter and cocoa mass, and was doing so through an emulsion.

He also noted that many traditional chocolate mousse recipes call for eggs and cream; his does not, which both allows for the taste of the chocolate to be more powerful, and makes it slightly lower in cholesterol by acclimating those ingredients.

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