The city of Northfield has installed wireless access points in and around city properties to help residents, businesses, and visitors access the city’s free wireless network more reliably. Areas marked with signs in windows and posts outside buildings are Wi-Fi hot spots.

According to a press release, the library has five wireless access points, three inside and two outside. This includes coverage to the south side of the building, including the public parking lot across the street. The ice arena has several indoor access points, which cover the bleachers, concessions, and office area, as well as outdoor access points, which cover the parking lot. City Hall, Northfield Liquor Store, the police department, wastewater treatment plant, water department, and maintenance facility all have wireless access inside the buildings.

In addition to city buildings, Bridge Square has a hot spot, which should help events held at the park like the Riverwalk Market Fair and the Defeat of Jesse James Days.

The city is looking at the feasibility of adding hot spots to large, frequently used parks.

When in these areas, users can choose “Free City Wi-Fi” from their list of available Wi-Fi networks to access the public wireless network.

The city reportedly installed the Wi-Fi hot spots as part of a larger strategic plan priority to enhance tourism throughout Northfield, and provide a wider connection for residents.

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