WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support) invites Northfield area nonprofit organizations to apply for 2021 WINGS grants. A press release states these grants are given in support of projects benefiting women and youth in the Northfield area. WINGS reportedly gives grants to qualified nonprofit organizations, public schools and government organizations for the purpose of general community support. Projects funded must benefit residents of the Northfield School District. 

WINGS funds grants in the following areas of focus:

● Basic needs: housing stability, food stability, economic stability and safe environments for survivors of domestic violence and the elderly

● Education: early learning, out-of-school programs, special needs/at-risk youth and adults, and adult education

● Physical and mental health: health care and healthy behaviors

"In 2020, WINGS celebrated its 20th year as an all-volunteer led organization," the release states. "To date it has given over one million dollars. WINGS funds organizations that increase access to opportunity, taking into consideration financial need, input and capacity-building. WINGS favors projects that build capacity by leveraging resources and encourages grant proposals that enhance an organization’s abilities to carry out its mission. Grants that offer a proactive, innovative approach to solving a community problem or address systemic change are especially welcome. WINGS prefers to fund projects/programs where the grant has a significant impact on the organization or the program and results in tangible outcomes."

Apply for a grant at Applications must be submitted electronically by March 13, 2021. Email Sarah Swan McDonald at with any questions.

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