Dakota County is waiving a penalty for some property tax payments due Oct. 15.

A press release states that in recognizing that property owners may be impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Commissioners on Sept. 15 approved a property tax penalty abatement for the second half of 2020 property taxes. The penalty for late payment is waived through Nov. 16.

The penalty relief applies to all non-escrowed residential, vacant rural, open space, apartment, commercial and industrial property. Agricultural property taxes are due by Nov. 16. Taxes paid through an escrow service and property classified as utility, railroad, machinery and transmission lines are excluded from the waiver.

The penalty waiver is intended for taxpayers experiencing financial hardship. Property owners who can pay their property taxes by the due date are advised to do so to help support county, school and city responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information, visit dakotacounty.us, and search property taxes.

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