The Arts and Culture Commission of Northfield, in partnership with Friends and Foundation of the Northfield Public Library, announced the winners of the  city’s ninth annual Sidewalk Poetry Competition, titled Deja Tu Huella/Make Your Mark.

Ten poems were chosen for imprinting in city sidewalks, among 126 submitted for judging. This year was the first year of opening the contest to submissions in Spanish; three Spanish poems were selected as winners.

The winners of Northfield’s 2019 Sidewalk Poetry Contest are: Brendon Etter, Taide Rodriguez-Marcial, Paul Fried, Leslie Schultz, D.E. Green, Alekz Thoms, Anne Kopas, Mar Valdecantos, Constanza Ocampo-Raeder and Ellie Zimmerman.

The five contest judges were Diane LeBlanc, director of writing at St. Olaf College and a published poet; Angelica Linder, Northfield Library outreach coordinator; Becky Boling, Carleton Spanish faculty member and published poet; Joel Olson, Northfield Schools activities director; and Rob Hardy, published poet and Northfield’s poet laureate.

The winning poems will be on display at the Northfield Public Library and City Hall. Beginning in the spring and continuing through summer, poems will be installed on city sidewalks as weather permits. A Sidewalk Poetry Capstone Celebration will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, August 29, 2019, on Bridge Square in downtown Northfield.

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