Northfield police are investigating after incidents of a man exposing himself to someone passing by and following someone else have been reported within the last two weeks.

According to a press release, police have become aware of suspicious activity near the 100 block of Maple Street and 200 block of College Street.

“Carleton College Campus Security has contacted NPD regarding incidents reported to them in which a man exposed himself to a passerby, and a separate incident in which a student reported that they were being followed home through a neighborhood,” the release states. “The suspect is described as a white male in his late 40s or early 50s, wearing a dark-colored jacket. No one has been physically harmed in these incidents”

Police advised people to stay alert, keep their head up and look around, keeping their mind on the surroundings and what is around them. Anyone concerned about being out alone is advised to have a friend accompany them, walk with determination, carry a cellphone, know where telephones are and trust their instincts.

Deputy Chief of Police Mark Elliott said the incidents are likely not related to a report earlier this month of a man masturbating in his truck.

Police say they have limited suspect information. Anyone with knowledge of the incidents or who sees suspicious activity is advised to call police at 507-645-4477 or 911, depending on the circumstances.

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