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The Northfield Police Department and Rice County Sheriff’s Office are warning citizens of phone scams recently reported in the area.

The Rice County Sheriff’s Office has received scam complaints involving the phone number 507-512-1370. The suspect claims to be a Capt. Mike Jones. The suspect has set up a voicemail claiming to be a member of the Rice County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect is telling people they have a warrant for their arrest and they can post bail.

The Rice County Sheriff’s Office does not have a Capt. Mike Jones. If you are contacted by this suspect or anyone else you think is suspicious, call the Dispatch Center at 507-332-6001.

In addition, the Northfield Police Department has recently received several reports of different types of phone scams. In several reports, a caller claimed to be the victim’s grandson or son, said they were in jail, and asked/demanded that the victim provide money for bail/bond.

Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson said late Thursday afternoon that the department was also receiving reports of someone falsely claiming to represent the NPD.

Other reports in the past have involved suspects claiming to be the FBI or IRS and demanding payment to stop official action against the victim.

The NPD and Sheriff’s Office ask members of the community to consider the following advice to avoid being a victim:

• If it doesn’t make sense, or sounds too good to be true, it is almost guaranteed to be a scam. If in doubt, call the police.

• Do not give out private info via the phone, email, or websites to people/entities you do not know.

• The IRS, FBI, local law enforcement, and other groups do not normally use email or phone calls to notify you of warrants, fraudulent activity, or to threaten legal action or arrest. Do not fall victim to these types of threats or notifications.

• If a caller demands that you purchase and provide them a money order, store gift cards, VISA gift cards, or similar forms payment, you should assume it is a scam.

• Go to for resources, information, and reporting options.

If you think someone has tried to scam you of information or money, call the non-emergency line at 507-645-4475.

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