Rice County snow

Rice County has been blanketed in snow several times in February 2019 and is expected to be covered again Wednesday. (Daily News file photo)

A winter that has already provided its fair share of adverse weather is set to test the patience of southern Minnesota residents yet again Wednesday.

The National Weather Service is reporting that potentially the largest snowfall of the year, 6 to 9 inches, is likely to dump on the area. On Feb. 5, Rice County seemed to get the brunt of a regional storm, with residents reporting just over 9 inches falling. So Wednesday’s storm will need to surpass its highest projections to reach the top of the list locally.

The storm warning starts midnight Wednesday and extends until 6 p.m. The better news is that, this time around, freezing temperatures and/or high winds are not expected immediately following the storm.

Still, the weather service is advising that hazardous road conditions are likely through the day Wednesday. Snow is expected to fall at a rate of 1 inch per hour during the morning rush, causing likely accumulation and potential drifts.

New record

The NWS has

charted record snowfalls

for February in the Twin Cities metro area, which would closely reflect Rice County’s own numbers. As of Tuesday, at 22.6 inches, this year’s February accumulation ranks fourth. The record was in 1962, with 26.5 inches.

Wednesday’s storm is expected to put 2019 over the top. And more might be coming; the NWS also expects snow on Saturday and Sunday, though if conditions are warm enough, it might actually come down as rain.

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