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Aware of how different life has become over the last six months as COVID-19 continues to wreak uncertainty, and economic and societal changes, professional musicians Laura Caviani and JC Sanford have turned to a familiar friend to bring cheer to the community and provide a temporary feeling …

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Jason Lewis, the former talk radio host and one term Republican congressman veered into debunked conspiracy theories about wildfires and urban rioting during a debate with Sen. Tina Smith in their U.S. Senate race. Read more


DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A solidly blue state for the past half century, Minnesota became an unquestioned presidential battleground on Friday as President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden fought for working-class voters in dueling events that marked the beginning of early voting. Read more


Milk’s not the only thing that can spoil — ballots can, too. At least that’s what it’s called when a ballot is incorrectly filled out and not included in election counts. Read more

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