The Tri-Legion baseball team took home a shutout victory over Waterville on Friday. It was a close matchup, but Tri-Legion squeezed out two runs while keeping Waterville off the board to win 2-0.

Tri-Legion had an effective fielding day and knocked out Waterville every inning before their opponent could run past second base. Tri-Legion left Dylan Westerman on third in the first inning after he singled, stole second base and reached third on a ground out. But Tri-Legion had better luck in the second with a complete run by Dylan Hollom. Hollom singled and was knocked in on a single by Chris Johnson.

Now at 1-0, Tri-Legion made several more attempts to score. They sent plenty of runners to third, but couldn’t make the home stretch. Caden O’Malley was left on third in the third inning after singling, stealing second and advancing to third on a ground out. Nolan Readmond was tagged out running from third to home in the fifth inning, and Westerman was left on third again when Waterville knocked out Tri-Legion.

Tri-Legion finally put another run on the board in the sixth. Jayson Macho led with a double, was knocked to third by Johnson and reached home on a ground out. After a scoreless seventh inning, Tri-Legion secured the victory.

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