It was win after win after win for the Titans wrestling team Jan. 2. Tri-City United faced off against Hastings, East Ridge and Hudson in a New Richland quad and won all three meets.

Though the Titans came out on top, the path to victory wasn’t easy. The team was nearly overcome by Hastings in the Titans’ first match of the tournament, but TCU managed a 29-28 victory. TCU triumphed again over East Ridge with a resounding 64-15 victory. In their last meet of the night, the Titans faced challenger Hudson all the way from Wisconsin. Hudson had the potential to stop TCU’s celebration short, but the Titans again came out on top, 36-28, thanks to some clever grappling.

“I think our best match of the night was against Hudson,” said TCU Coach Shaun Timmerman. “We wrestled extremely smart the entire way through the lineup. We also won all of the close matches, and didn’t give up much bonus points in that duel. They’re a very tough team, one which we didn’t know much about going into it, and we ended up wrestling some of our best wrestling we’ve seen this season. “

The team’s performance had Timmerman optimistic about the Titans’ future.

“We’re looking very good,” he said. “We just need to make sure we keep our focus on improving little-by-little each day in practice and keeping in sight our end goals for the season. The wrestlers are doing a fantastic job of listening and working with their coaches.”

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