The Tri-City United volleyball team (2-5) opened strong before being overcome by Jordan (2-4) at the Oct. 3 home match. Despite the Titans taking the first set, Jordan swept the next three sets to claim victory.

TCU coach Renae Chappuis saw the match as a learning experience for the Titans. Jordan presented a unique challenge, having much more consistent blocking compared to TCU’s previous opponents.

“Today’s game was actually a great opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate before the end of the season and playoffs start coming,” Chappuis said. “It was a great opportunity for my hitters to just push through and know what they need to do to make it to playoffs and keep pushing.

“I commend the other team, they did a great job with their blocking. We haven’t had a team where they had solid blockers all the way across and that was definitely something that played a part in my girls’ ability to hit the way they want to hit. And it’s ok. It’s all a learning curve and we can keep moving forward.”

The Titans put up a good fight and broke through Jordan’s defenses in the first set to obtain a 25-23 victory. TCU’s top hitters included junior right hitter Jordyn Brownlee and junior middle hitter Gracie Wenger. Brownlee also played a strong defensive game in diving for and saving the ball numerous times. Senior setter Ellie Singleton continued to pull off consistent assists.

“I thought Jordyn Brownlee played incredibly well,” Chappuis said. “She had great hits, great defense. I thought Grace Wenger did an excellent job of continuing to push through, even though in the middle she was getting blocked, and she continued to try to move herself around, continued to try to do those things I’m asking her to do and she gave it a good effort all night.”

Unfortunately for the Titans, Jordan refused to give TCU more ground. Jordan’s blocking game gave the opposition an upper hand in the second set. Jordan kept the ball on TCU’s side of the court, and after a string of kills, brought their score up to 25-10 while wearing down the Titans.

The Titans came back in the third set and kept the score close for the first half. However, Jordan took the game away from TCU toward the second half, racking up a 25-14 victory. The Titans fell further behind in the fourth and final set, losing 25-9.

“I think our energy level was definitely the biggest part of our downfall in the last sets whereas our first set they came out raring and ready to go,” Chappuis said. They came out ready to give 100 percent and unfortunately, we lost that mentality and we couldn’t regain it and that’s hard to do in a game of ups and downs.”

TCU will be taking the lessons learned to their next match at NRHEG at 7:15 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7.

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