The Tri-City United wrestling team took home another victory on Wednesday, but it was much closer than the Titans wanted. Pitted against Waseca, the Titans claimed an early advantage, but nearly had their lead toppled until securing a final round victory and winning 38-33.

The Titans delivered a solid performance, but the team was hampered by a large number of absences. With five weight classes empty, TCU gave up four forfeits, a total of 24 points, to Waseca as well as a double forfeit which did not cost either team points.

Despite this handicap, the Titans overcame their disadvantage with a high number of fall victories. Ayden Balma started off with a quick victory for the Titans, nabbing a fall in just 59 seconds. Chris Johnson then gave the Titans a 17-2 win by technical fall, putting TCU up 11-0.

But Waseca swung back with back to back victories of their own. With a 1:30 fall, Waseca gained six points. Brant Lemiuex fell to Waseca as well, but limited their scoring by keeping his loss down to a 5-4 decision.

The Titans now had just a two-point advantage. Cole Franek delivered another quick win in a 1:00 fall, but a subsequent forfeit by the Titans put the score back at a near even 17-15. Fortune was on the Titans' side as the team earned a string of needed victories to put them in a commanding lead.

Carter O’Malley delivered a dominant performance, felling his opponent in 1:17. Caden O’Malley racked up 10 points on his opponent and took home a 10-3 decision victory. Then Marco Reyes earned the fastest victory for the Titans all evening with a 43 second fall. The Titans were now up 32-15, and they would need every single one of those points.

The next three rounds was a predictable devastation for TCU as all three forfeits went to Waseca, giving the opposing team a slim 33-32 advantage with just one round left. Robert Bastyr didn’t give Waseca any opportunities to turn those forfeits into a win. Instead, Bastyr took down his opponent and pinned him in 56 seconds, winning the meet for TCU.

While the Titans could overcome four forfeits once, they couldn't do it twice. Against St. Peter, the TCU wrestlers fell 45-24.

The Titans had a good showing at the start of the meet. Riley Skulzacek claimed a victory by fall in 3:45 while Ayden Balma felled his opponent in 28 seconds. Chris Johnson pushed the Titans up 15-0 with an 8-1 decision.

But the Titans began to give up too many crucial points. Zach Balma was locked in a stalemate with his opponent, but lost just 1-0. St. Peter collected two more victories, putting the score at 15-12.

TCU managed to stay consistently ahead of the Saints.  Carter O'Malley earned the Titans three more points with a 5-1 decision and Caden O'Malley contributed six with a 1:18 fall, putting them up 24-12.

But that wasn't enough to overcome the losses from incoming forfeits. The Saints swept the next six rounds which included four forfeits, a 7-3 decision in the Saint's favor and final fall victory in 4:42. The compounding wins launched the Saints from 12 points behind to 21 ahead. 

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