The Tri-City United volleyball team earned a well needed victory at their meet against Sibley East on Thursday, Sept. 12. The Titans thwarted their opposition 3-1.

“This was a very exciting match after quite a few losses,” said TCU coach Renae Chappuis. “That is an excellent accomplishment to come back out of that. All three teams tonight played well, they all won their respective games. I thought there were times where we were up and down and I do appreciate how the girls were able to come back and stay focused.”

“We had some great hitting from Gracie [Wenger] and we had some great hitting from Jordyn [Brownlee]. We had a lot of great sets and saves from our setter Ellie [Singleton], and we’re looking forward to working hard in practice.”

The Titans had a strong opening set and came out on top over Sibley East 25-17 thanks to some ferocious spikes and tight coordination between the hitters and setter.

The Wolverines were far from ready to give up the match, though. In the second set, Sibley East began racking up points early, putting pressure on the Titans.

Middle hitter Holly Schendel and setter Sam Lang worked together to put up a wall, while Ellie Singleton came through with numerous assists. Right hitter Jordan Brownlee was a standout throughout the second set, landing several kills on Sibley East.

However, as the match progressed, the gap continued to widen between the Wolverines and the Titans, and by set point, the score was 24-20 for Sibley East. The Titans narrowed the gap 2 points but couldn’t overcome the Wolverines, who took the set 25-22.

The third set continued to feature some strong performances from Schendel, Lang, Brownlee and Singleton. Middle hitter Gracie Wenger emerged as a standout offensive player who landed a number of kills on the Wolverines. The Titans held the early lead, but the Wolverines worked to taper it. Sibley East successfully gained on the Titans and tied up the score at 25-25. However, the Titans refused to fall, and Alexis Neubauer struck back with two consecutive kills on the Wolverines, winning the set at 27-25.

TCU continued their winning streak into the fourth and trounced the Wolverines in their strongest set yet. The Titans went home victorious after finishing last set with a 9-point lead over Sibley East at 25-16.

“I think the end of this last set was a lot of fun,” said Coach Chappuis. “They really pulled together and finished, and that’s something we’ve been working on a lot is finishing games, so that to me is very exciting. I feel we have to work as always but I feel that they can continue to speed up their game and that is something I look forward to seeing next week.”

The Titans will travel to Norwood on Thursday, Sept. 19 for their next meet at 7 p.m.

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