To the editor:

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they interact with their child.

Several years ago, while walking my old golden retriever through a city park, I noticed a young dad playing with his son. It was a most beautiful sight. The father stood with a ball and bat at the west end of a long, green expanse. His little boy, baseball glove in hand, stood at the east end of the field in joyful anticipation. The dad tossed the ball in the air and hit a perfect, arcing fly ball. His child bolted like a major leaguer, reached out with his mitt to catch the ball, and flung it back to his proud, smiling father. Impressed, I slowed down to watch quietly, missing the days when I played ball with my two grown sons. One swing and running catch was followed by another, and then another, until I lost count.

What I witnessed with my own eyes was clear baseball talent of both father and son, but far more importantly, a loving relationship. When the boy was exhausted, I went over and introduced myself. The father said, “My name is Todd Lippert.”

Since that day my respect for Todd Lippert has continued to grow. The qualities I observed in him as I watched him with his son are the same qualities I have observed in his professional life as a pastor and a politician. He is a kind and decent human being who has found his niche as our state representative in District 20B. He leads with principle and character. His personal and professional life reflect very accurately his campaign theme: “Working for the Common Good.” He focuses on issues that matter to all of us in Minnesota: good schools, health care, and clean energy. In the past two years I have emailed him on occasion with a question or concern. He always responded in a timely, thoughtful and respectful manner.

I am truly grateful to have Todd Lippert as my state representative. I urge you to vote for Todd Lippert.

Dan Dimick


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