Last December, I was at my friend’s house and she asked me if I could help her figure out what was wrong with her houseplant. She thought perhaps it was a mold or mildew issue, because there were white, somewhat fuzzy spots on the leaves of her plant.

It’s the holiday season, and two of the most popular gifts this year are wearable devices that help people track their exercise and sleep—along with home DNA testing kits that help people discover more about their ancestry or genetic health risks.

At HOPE Center, we are fortunate to work with interns who support our ongoing efforts related to relationship violence here in Rice County. I thought it would be interesting to introduce you to one of them.


The number 24 is not a large number, it is not a particularly small number either, but it definitely depends on the context. For example: $24 will not pay many bills today, however 24 pens in the bottom of my purse is way too many. 24 people at a performance could be too few, but 24 house gu…

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