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As Cub Scout Pack 327 explore the inside of the ambulance at the Lonsdale Fire Department on Wednesday night, one kid enthusiastically requests to ask Captain Adam Vycital a question.

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Pack 327 explores the Lonsdale Fire Department, learning along the way. The station is the home of “Big Boy,” a yellow ladder truck that was among the first responders in New York City when the towers fell.

Just a few hours before the area saw major snowfall Wednesday, the Lonsdale Cub Scouts Pack 327 filed into the Lonsdale Fire Department, where they gifted popcorn to the team of hometown heroes.

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At right: Captain Adam Vycital gives Cub Scout Pack 327 a look at their device, which cuts into a car as “easy as scissors cut paper.”

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Vycital gives each Cub Scout a look at his heat sensor, which enables the firefighters to see through the smoke and identify where people are. By placing his hand on a cold wall and removing it, he demonstrated how it picks up body heat.

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Cub Scout Pack 327 take a peek inside a large red firetruck. (Colton Kemp photos/

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Captain Adam Vycital tells Cub Scouts Pack 327 the honor that comes with being a scout and encourages them to “stick with it.” (Colton Kemp/

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By holding up two fingers, Captain Adam Vycital gets the Cub Scouts’ attention. The scouts each wear their plastic firefighter hats, which Vycital gave them to bring home. (Colton Kemp photos/

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