Bluebird house

During the bluebird conservation portion of their visit to Ney Nature Center, students were able to peak inside the bluebird houses where they found eggs ready to hatch. (Submitted photo)

Over 140 seventh-graders from the TCU School District embarked on a field trip at the Ney Nature Center to celebrate the end of the school year and to learn about the natural world. Students conducted a science experiment at Frog Pond, went on a homestead tour, and learned wilderness survival skills.

In addition, each student had the opportunity to learn about bluebird conservation firsthand as they checked each bluebird house at the Nature Center with instructor Mike Giesen. Giesen, the Nature Center’s Resource Manager, agreed that the students found the May 9 activity to be an enriching experience and that finding eggs in each house really brought home the lesson that he was trying to teach.

“Bluebird conservation is important in the state and especially here at the Nature Center where we try to promote environmental education among students of all ages,” Giesen said. “Monitoring the houses allows us to track the population as we attempt to provide suitable habitat for the species to thrive.”

Students at TCU have visited the Ney Center for several years and the Nature Center staff are already excited for their next visit.

The Ney Nature Center is a community-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to manage and protect the Ney Wildlife Preserve through education and interaction with the natural world.

Josh Sweet is the program and marketing coordinator at Ney Nature Center.

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