With cold weather becoming a constant, road work on Main Street has wrapped up for the season.

The Lonsdale City Council approved the fifth payment to Holtmeier Construction in the amount of $188,000 — the last payment until construction resumes in spring 2019.

The work completed as part of the most recent payment includes concrete walk removal and replacement, driveway removal and replacement, curb and gutter installation, and an irrigation system. Although Holtmeier Construction completed the tasks according to the plans and specifications, the aesthetic quality of the work doesn’t quite meet the council’s satisfaction.

Mayor Tim Rud said the sidewalks and cleanup are his biggest concerns. Although the sidewalks are “structurally acceptable,” Rud noted cracks in the surface and liquid concrete brushed up against buildings in the construction zone. The damage, said Rud, happened as a result of the contractor being late upon completion. This brought an extra expense to the city.

So far, City Engineer John Powell said the splashes on the buildings had been painted over with colors that don’t quite match the original hues.

Council member Steve Cherney said the quality issue of the construction project needs addressing. He asked if replacing the work the contractors already completed is an option, and if that decision would require court action.

The council opted to address any quality issues in the spring. Rud said under the contract, the city holds 5 percent retainment until Holtmeier completes all punch list items. After Holtmeier completes the mill and overlay, the contractors will receive a list of corrections to complete. That, the council decided, will be the proper time to address any aesthetic problems. At that point, WSB will also determine the final cost of the construction project. A two-year warranty also ensures problems will be addressed in case a system fails.

“[Holtmeier] is a pretty good contractor, actually,” said Rud. “I’m very confident that we’ll have a good project when it’s all said and done. I want to reassure residents [construction] will be completed to everyone’s satisfaction.”

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