As the first high school soccer season at Tri-City United takes shape, Trcka Park in Lonsdale also needed to undergo improvements before the games begin in September.

At its Thursday meeting, the City Council approved a resolution to accept a donation of $12,000 from Tim and Debbie Rud for grading equipment to make those improvements to Trcka Park. Improvements have already been completed with the dozer, skid steer and low boy trailer the Ruds donated.

Although major site grading and drain tile installation at Trcka Park wrapped up in 2018, the installation of the water main between Well No. 5 and the water treatment plant resulted in a conflict. Since the water main is on the south hillside of the park and the drainage swale is adjacent to the park’s soccer field, the hillside needed to be regraded with a lesser slope to prevent damage. Drain tile was also added to the area between the soccer field and the parking lot as well as the north side of the field.

“They’ve given a lot to the project, and we really appreciate it,” City Administrator Joel Erickson said of the Ruds.

Another embellishment still to come at Trcka Park is fencing. The City Council recently approved an updated quote from Caron Fence for field fencing around the park. In addition to the 4-foot high fence with a 508-foot length, which was approved last year, there will also be a 14-foot gate between the large field and parking lot and 170 feet of a 6-foot high fence to prevent balls from landing in the parking lot and damaging vehicles.

Parking restrictions

Due to a number of concerns regarding the narrow road on Arizona Street NW along Jaycee Park, the City Council approved parking restrictions for this area.

Staff agreed that parking on both sides of the road restricts traffic flow, particularly for emergency vehicles and snow plows that need extra space. For that reason, parking is now prohibited on both sides of that section of roadway, which is one block long.

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