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Mayor Tim Rud recently visited Lonsdale fourth-graders in conjunction with their unit on government in social studies. During the visit, he spoke about the history of Lonsdale, current projects, and visions for the future. (Photo courtesy of Megan Warner)

Mayor Tim Rud paid a visit to Lonsdale fourth-graders earlier this month in conjunction with their social studies unit on government roles.

During his visit, Rud educated students on the history of Lonsdale, described city projects that include his participation, and explained his vision for the town’s future.

TCU Lonsdale fourth-graders also spend their unit on government participating in the League of Minnesota Cities’ Mayor for a Day essay contest. The prompt this year is, “If you were mayor for a day, what would you do to make one of the services that your city provides even better?”

Fourth-grade teacher Megan Warner shared these sample essays from two of her students:

“If I were mayor for a day I would repaint roads of all of Lonsdale. No pebbles at all on the roads and washed so no one gets into any accidents. And same with sidewalks — repaint and washed.

“Why would this be good for Lonsdale? Millions of people drive in and out of Lonsdale and if the roads aren’t safe you aren’t safe and Lonsdale is not safe! And Why did I pick this? Because bumps roads are around the earth.

“Why would I be a great mayor? Because people will say to other people Lonsdale money and everyone wins. People get gas for cars food bills. See? Every one wins that is why I would make a great mayor one day!”

— Ethan Roisland

“If I were mayor for a day I would help with the parks and recreation department. I would help the department by making new parks. I would make new parks because there are a lot of daycare’s in Lonsdale. A lot of them go to parks to play at the parks in summer. A lot of daycares go to the same parks over and over again and the kids might be getting bored so we need new parks. Daycare might want to go to a new park every week. There are not enough parks around them to do that so they have to stay at the same park. And that’s how I know we need more parks.”

— Alexandra Atkinson

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