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Students who participated in Art Night each sat at their own pottery wheels and used clay for their projects.

Tri-City United sophomore Kaia Krocack didn’t know what she was capable of creatively until she attended her first Art Night at TCU High School.

“I was kind of nervous about art night, because I felt that I was not very artistic,” Krockak said. “Once I got there, explored, and was around my friends, it was a very enjoyable time! I had a lot of fun and got to try many things that I haven’t done before, such as pottery on the wheel.”

Krocak was among 41 TCU High School students that participated in the annual Art Night after school on Friday, March 26. In the high school art room and Family and Consumer Science room, students chose among four different art activities for a diverse art experience.

“Art Night was a great experience and was an awesome way to relax and take a break from school work,” said Anna Barnett, TCU 10th grader who attended the event. “Each station was planned out very well and the food was amazing! I really enjoyed working with clay, which is something I don’t usually do.”

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Above: Forty-one students attended the TCU High School Art Night Friday, March 26.

In the back of the art classroom, students got their hands full of clay as they experimented with pottery wheels. Under the instruction of TCU art educator Tony Barnack, students learned how to properly use the wheel and form their hands to create aesthetically pleasing pieces.

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TCU art educator Tony Barnack holds up a pottery wheel and describes its functions to a class of Art Night students.

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Right: Juan Reyes holds up the bowl he completed during the pottery portion of Art Night. (Photos courtesy of TCU High School)

Other students in the art room received a painting lesson from none other than Bob Ross by watching an episode of “The Joy of Painting.” Following the tutorial, these students created picturesque mountain scenes on canvases. Some students also used Art Night as an opportunity to work on their own paintings.

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TCU students set up easels and canvases Friday night and followed instructions from a Bob Ross painting tutorial video. (Misty Schwab photos/southernminn.com)

5 Nalia Wagner .jpg

Nalia Wagner puts the finishing touches on her mountain landscape painting during the TCU Art Night. (Photo courtesy of TCU High School)

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art student.jpg

Some art students chose to use the Art Night to catch up on their own art projects. (Misty Schwab/southernminn.com)

In the FACS room, students began their art session by grabbing rubber bands and wrapping them around white t-shirts to tie-dye. As their garments soaked, they participated in another art method: sumi ink.

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Students grab rubber bands and white t-shirts to tie dye during the TCU Art Night. (Misty Schwab/southernminn.com)

While watching a video about the Japanese calligraphy method, students tried it out for themselves. They used black ink and brushes to write their names and draw pictures on a long sheet of white paper.

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The Sumi Ink Club met during the TCU Art Night, giving students a chance to explore the Japanese art method. (Misty Schwab/southernminn.com)

3 Juniors Sumi Ink Club.jpg

TCU High School juniors experimented with sumi ink as part of Art Night. (Photo courtesy of TCU High School)

Art educators from TCU volunteered to keep the classes running smoothly. Those included Aly Olsson, Amanda Mesenbring and Margaret Johnson. Additionally, future art educators from Minnesota State University, Mankato gave their time to help at the event.

Art Night wouldn’t be complete without a dinner break in the TCU cafeteria. At 6:15 p.m., students feasted on a meal from Pizzeria 201 and took time to visit with one another.

“The night went well and by all accounts the students had a very good time,” Art Educator Tony Barnack said after the event. “I really feel it was the best TCU Art Night that we have had to date. Their attitude was awesome and their work was terrific!

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