A Montgomery woman was charged with five counts after allegedly fleeing police while drunk and crashing her vehicle into a Frontier Communications Box.

Su Nmn Wanan, 22, received a felony charge for fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, a gross misdemeanor for driving while impaired and refusing a test, plus misdemeanors for failure to report property damage, careless driving and speeding.

According to the criminal complaint, law enforcement pursued Wanan’s vehicle when they saw the front bumper hanging off the driver’s side and laying in the eastbound lane near the intersection of County Road 26 and Hwy. 13 in the city of Montgomery.

The officer reportedly activated their emergency lights and Wanan appeared to mouth the words "I’m sorry” and accelerated south on Hwy. 13. According to the complaint, Wanan reached up to 45 mph speeds in a 30 mph zone, turning east onto Boulevard Ave, south onto First Street North while crossing the center line, turning west on Vine Avenue W. and then south into an alley before coming to a stop at a parking lot behind First Street.

Police said they commanded Wanan to exit the vehicle and could smell alcohol in her breath. Wanan reportedly could not keep her balance as she left the vehicle, appeared to have bloodshot eyes and slurred speech and said she had two drinks not too long ago. When asked to take a preliminary breath test, Wanan allegedly refused.

Law enforcement said they noticed a damaged Frontier cable box and bent pole near her car and saw pieces of Wanan’s bumper scattered around.

Wanan was then taken into custody, but was reportedly combative. According to the criminal complaint, Wanan cussed at the officers, urinated in the back of the patrol car, resisted escort to the booking room, kicked an officer, slipped one hand out of her cuffs and dropped to the floor while being cuffed and refused to get up.

After multiple attempts to read her the breath test advisory, Wanan allegedly continued to scream and yell and refused to take the test.

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