A 17-year-old Robbinsdale boy has been charged as a juvenile in Scott County District Court after his alleged involvement in a shooting near an Elko New Market business.

Mohamed KH Omar Ahmed was charged April 17 with felony dangerous weapons drive by shooting toward person, occupied motor vehicle; felony first-degree aggravated robbery; and felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Court records state Ahmed was charged after Elko New Market police responded to a call of shots fired near the End Zone Bar and Grill, 260th St. East, Elko New Market, at around 4:15 p.m. March 31.

Two alleged victims reportedly told the Scott County Sheriff’s Office that they had arranged through Snapchat to conduct a marijuana sale.

Once they arrived at the bar and grill, they parked next to another vehicle with three males inside.

After a victim rolled down the window, Ahmed allegedly immediately pulled a handgun on the victims, including a 5-year-old girl sitting in the backseat.

The male allegedly told the victims to give him their valuables, including wallets and jewelry, eventually opening a rear passenger door and placing one foot in the vehicle.

A victim then reportedly put her car in reverse and “floored it,” court documents state. As she reversed, Ahmed reportedly fell from the victims’ vehicle, shooting at the vehicle and hitting the rear window.

While the shots didn’t strike any of the victims, one reportedly came inches from hitting the 5 year old.

A witness in the suspect vehicle reported seeing Ahmed pointing a gun at the vehicle and then hearing a gunshot. Ahmed’s cellphone allegedly pinged off a Elko New Market cell tower around the time of the shooting.

Court documents state law enforcement found three live handgun rounds and two spent handgun casings on the ground of the restaurant parking lot.

The Elko New Market Police Department was dispatched to the scene. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office also responded.

Ahmed was taken into custody April 16.

“The safety of our community is a priority, and we are pleased to have made an arrest,” Scott County Sheriff Luke Hennen said in an April 23 statement. “We take violent crimes very seriously, and we are grateful nobody was harmed in this incident.”

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, and the Elko New Market and Northfield Police departments assisted in the investigation.

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