Lonsdale Lions white boards.jpg

Tri-City United Lonsdale Elementary third graders in Jennifer Tuma’s and Lydia Gurthridge’s classes each received a whiteboard mat with an X/Y axis on one side and a whiteboard marker from the Lonsdale Lions instead of a dictionary as in past years. With TCU going into full distance learning, the Lonsdale Lions decided that the whiteboards would allow the third graders to display their answers by holding the mat up, showing their answers into the camera on their Chromebook for their teacher to see. Lonsdale Lions President and Tri-City United High School Principal Alan Fitterer passed out a whiteboard mat and pen to each student. Fitterer is pictured here with the third graders holding up their new whiteboards. (Photo courtesy of Alan Fitterer)

Alan Fitterer Lion.jpg

Instead of handing out dictionaries like most years, Lonsdale Lion and TCU High School Principal Alan Fitterer gave a whiteboard and marker to each third grade student at TCU Lonsdale Elementary. (Photo courtesy of Alan Fitterer)

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