June 2

• Received a 911 hang-up in the area of Main St. North. Officer checked the area not locating any issues.

• Received an animal complaint on Main St. South.

• Took information of a vehicle being parked overnight at the Legion parking lot due to mechanical issue.

• Officer spoke with several juveniles at Jaycee Park about curfew hours.

• Received report of several juveniles screaming in the area of 11th Ave. NE. Officer sat in the area and did not hear any screaming.

June 3

• Received request for a funeral escort on Fifth Ave. NW, escort provided.

• Took a damage to property report on Main St. North.

• Took a damage to property report on Arizona St. NW.

• Responded to a medical on Third Ave. SW.

• Took report of a gas drive-off on Ash St. NE.

• Responded to a 911 hang-up on Third Ave. NE. Officer made contact with the caller who expressed concerns regarding children in the area.

June 4

• Took several reports regarding storm damage and road hazards throughout the community.

June 5

• Received request to check the welfare of a female on Fourth Circle Dr. SE. Officer made contact with the female who was OK.

• Took a past action vandalism report on Industrial Drive SE.

June 6

• Responded to an alarm at Mackenthun’s on Ash St. NE. Officer cancelled prior to arrival.

• Responded to a 911 hang-up on Grand Ave. SW. On call back, caller reported accidental dial.

June 7

• Responded to an alarm on Railway St. NW. Alarm accidentally set off by employee.

• Took a fraud report on Delaware St. SW.

• Received report of a missing four year old child on Eighth Ave. NE. Child was located prior to officer arrival.

• Took a suspicious activity report on Second Ave. SW.

• Assisted the Rice County Sheriff’s Dept. with a pursuit on Interstate 35.

• Received a narcotics complaint.

• Received report of a party operating an ATV in a reckless manner on Pondview DR. SE. Officer made contact with several people on 15th Ave. SE who were warned about driving conduct.

June 8

• Took a property damage accident report on Second Ave. NW.

• Received an extra patrol request.

• Received a driving complaint of a motorist driving without a license. Information only.

• Responded to an alarm on Industrial Dr. SE. Build secure, false alarm.

v• Received report of a loose dog on Birch St. NE. Owner had picked up the dog prior to officer arrival.

• Officer warned a golf cart operator for operating without a golf cart permit on Golden Oak St. NE.

• Assisted the Rice County Sheriff’s Dept. with a pursuit requesting stop sticks at Lonsdale Blvd and Interstate 35. Vehicle had stopped, officer cancelled.

• Responded to a property damage accident on Main St. North. Driver was arrested for driving after revocation.

• Responded to a disturbance on 10th Ave. NW. Parties separated and advised.

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