August 18

• Assisted with an escort on Central St. West.

• Received a noise complaint of loud truck and semis in the area of Central St. West. Officer monitored the traffic in the area.

August 19

• Received an extra patrol request.

• Took a fraud report on Hawaii St. SE.

• Took a past action assault report at the police department.

• Received report of several juveniles on the roof at Trenda Memorial Park. Juveniles advised to get off the roof and warned of possible trespass from the park.

• Officer executed a search warrant on a prior investigation.

August 20

• Took a juvenile complaint on Eighth Ave. SW, parents advised of options.

• Received a noise complaint on Fourth Ave. SW. Music was turned down prior to officer arrival.

• Responded to a disturbance on First Ave. SE, parties advised.

August 21

• Received request for a vehicle unlock on Twelfth Ave. NE, vehicle unlocked.

• Assisted the Rice County Sheriff’s Dept. with a suspicious occupied vehicle on Cody Lake Trl.

• Received report of a juvenile male shooting geese with a BB gun on Central St. East. Juvenile located and transported home, parents advised.

• Received report of a suspicious unoccupied vehicle parked on 10th Ave. NE. Vehicle was located which belonged to a neighbor.

August 22

• Officer issued a notice of ordinance violation to a property owner on Central St. East.

• Took an illegal dumping report on Ash St. NE. Officer unable to locate any identification in the garbage.

• Received a 911 hang-up on 15th Ave SE. Officer checked the area not locating anyone.

• Responded to an alarm on Industrial Dr. SE. Officer cancelled prior to arrival.

• Took a fraud report on Elm St. NE.

• Took a fraud report on First Ave. SE.

• Officer stopped two juveniles operating dirt bikes on the roadway on Birch St. NE. Juveniles warned and told to return home.

• Responded to a medical on Golden Oak Cv. NE.

August 23

• Responded to a medical on Birch St. NE.

• Responded to a suspicious male with a pellet gun on Garfield Ave. Male was located and released to a parent.

August 24

• Received request to check the welfare of a female on Fourth Circle Dr. SE. Officer made contact with a family member who stated she was OK.

• Received report of a road hazard on Central St. East. Officer removed bags of construction debris from the roadway.

• Took information of a missing cat on Golden Oak St. NE.

• Received request to check the welfare of a homeless female near the Legion trying to get to Kilkenny. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate the female.

• Received report of two found knives found on Singing Hills Dr. SE. Knives taken to the police department.

• Received report of a suspicious male at a new construction site on Florida St. SW. Officer made contact with the male who was a contractor doing work on the house.

• Received a loud music complaint on Fourth Ave. SW. Officer checked the area not hearing any loud music or seeing anyone around.

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