3.9 Caden O`Malley.jpg

O’Malley tracks down his opponent as he goes to the mat.

Nothing is handed to competitors who wrestle in the MSHSL Class AA State Championships and the 2023 tournament proved to be just as competitive as possible once again. The trio of Tri-City United senior wrestlers who qualified for the competition, Cole Franek, Caden O’Malley and Marco Reyes, all battled either a state champion or runner up during the two day tournament and when the dust settled, O’Malley and Reyes earned podium finishes claiming third and fourth respectively.

3.9 Marco Reyes 2.jpg

At right: Marco Reyes attempts to keep his opponent locked underneath him.

3.9 Caden O`Malley 4.jpg

O’Malley has his hand raised after claiming third in the state.

3.9 Marco Reyes 3.jpg

Marco Reyes escapes from an opponent. (Ben Camp photos/Southernminn.com)

3.9 Caden O`Malley 3.jpg

O’Malley gets his opponent into a devastating headlock.

3.9 Marco Reyes 4.jpg

Reyes makes a diving cover of a foe. (Ben Camp photos/Southernminn.com)

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