Tri-City United volleyball had a well-rounded showing at the Warterville-Elysian-Morristown volleyball invitational Friday, Sept. 6. The Titans placed third, with a 3-3 record.

The Titans had a rough start to the day, facing three consecutive losses. In their first match, TCU faced off against WEM and lost both sets 25-12, 25-6.

Though TCU led with a tough match, the team performed progressively better throughout the day. While the Titans lost both sets to their next opponents, Minnesota Valley Lutheran, they were far more competitive, losing both sets 25-21.

In their third match, the Titans won their first set. NOVA Classical Academy won the match and the first set 25-13, but the Titans overcame NOVA in the second set 25-19.

“We started our day slow and without energy,” said TCU Volleyball Coach Renae Chappuis. “The team was able to turn things around and start playing our game. This is exciting for this team as their one weakness has always been the mental games not the physical game.”

In the second half of the tournament, the Titans began taking home victories. TCU bested Cleveland in a close match, with the Titans taking the first match 25-21, but losing the second 25-22.

The fifth match marked TCU’s first decisive victory, with the team defeating St. Clair in both sets 25-21, 25-22. The Titans added a third victory to their winning streak in the sixth and final match where the team bested Grand Meadow 28-26, 25-19.

“The remaining part of the day went so well,” said Chappuis. “This volleyball team continues to build skills and all that hard work is starting to show through. I have been asking a lot from all the players. Being a new coach to this program I believe that all players need to be well rounded and be able to play any position at anytime. This has been a hard adjustment to the players and fans as well. These changes are starting to show forward progress and the players are starting to master all rotations and not just what they are used to paying. I believe that this change will continue to lead this volleyball team to some more wins.”

“Some key players over the tournament were setter senior Ellie Singleton, Sam Lang, Gracie Wenger, Jordyn Brownlee and Kaitlyn Lang,” added Chappuis. “Each of these players had great games and effort, but really once the team woke up and got going the rest of the day they all played great and as a team.”

TCU placed in third out of seven teams. The team came behind NOVA Classical Academy in second and WEM in first.

Tri-City United will have a rematch against WEM at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9, this time on TCU’s home turf.

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