Cleveland Clipper Boys Basketball


Head coach: Dan Fredrickson 22nd year coaching, 18th as a head coach, 8th at Cleveland

Assistant coaches: Lon Voss, JV coach, 5th year at Cleveland, was Fredrickson assistant at Glenville-Emmons for 5 years

Curt Buhl, freshman coach, 2nd year coaching at Cleveland 

Chris Seely, volunteer assistant 


Luke Mueller – 5-11 senior guard. Three-year letter winner. Returning Captain and All-Conference Honorable Mention.  His 112 assists was the most for the Clippers. “Luke is a complete player,” Fredrickson said. “He can do it all at the guard position. He has played in big games since his freshman year. Luke was at times this summer a truly elite player playing at a very high level. Health is key, and he’s working his way back from a football injury. We look forward to having his impact on the floor very soon. Defensively he is relentless player and plays with a fire coaches love. Luke is a special player and he will have a memorable senior season. He has meant a lot to our basketball program.”

Ben Holden – 6-6 junior forward. Three-year letter winner. MVP last year. Unanimous All-Conference selection.  Last season he had the Clippers’ most points (427), most rebounds (278), most blocks (53), the highest field goal percentage and the best free throw percentage (73) “Ben is a dominant player,” Fredrickson said. “He has the ability to completely change the game. He’s one of the most skilled post players in the area. He has an inside/out game that’s special, and he’s a nightmare matchup for opponents. Ben has been dominant on the glass, and his help side defense is unique. He blocks and changes lots of shots. Ben has played in big games for Cleveland since his 8th grade year; however, this year looks different. He looks supremely motivated, matured, confident, and it’ll be time to unleash the beast on our opponents this season. Ben is legit, and he still has lots of upside. Fans should enjoy watching him operate.”

Isaac Mueller – 6-1 junior guard. Two-year letter winner. He had the most three-point baskets for the Clippers (48) and the most steals (52). “Isaac is a gifted player,” Fredrickson said. “He’s a guard who has unique handles. He can get anywhere on the floor he wants with his dribble. Isaac is a very confident player who can be a true difference maker. He averaged 15 points per game versus the toughest opponents we played last year and had a 12-game stretch in which he was dominant. If Isaac can play more consistently, he will easily become one of the conference’s best. He can shoot well, and he is going to the basket more relentlessly. He is a natural scorer, and he’s a game changing type player. After a full season on varsity last year, Isaac will surely be up to the challenge of competing at a high level this season game in and game out.”

Levi Baker – 5-9 senior guard. Two-year letter winner. “Levi is one of the best competitors I’ve coached,” Fredrickson said. “He will play lots of point guard for us this year. He shoots well, and he gets the ball where it needs to be on time. He’s strong going to the hoop and is a very unselfish player; he’s a great teammate and a rock on the defensive end. He plays with heart and passion and does the tough things that winners do. Levi is a team leader and someone that’ll be leaned on for lots and lots of minutes.”

Alex McCabe – 5-10 junior guard. Two-year letter winner. “Alex has a high basketball IQ,” Fredrickson said. “He’s very good going to the basket. He is a special defensive player and our best help-side defender. He sees the floor so well, a trait most quarterbacks have. Alex is a great team leader and a tough competitor. We need Alex playing major minutes for us this season. He’s always been one of the last players to leave the gym. He plays the game hard and his hard work will keep paying off.” 

Eric Rohlfing – 6-3 junior forward. One-year letter winner. “Simply put Eric will burst onto the scene this year,” Fredrickson said. “He is so talented and so motivated that he will be one of the conference’s best players this year. He has a strong frame and a diverse skill set that makes him so hard to guard. Eric has made a monster leap this last year, possibly the biggest jump I’ve ever had a player I’ve coached make. It’s hard not to gush when talking about his talent and strides he’s made. Hard work truly pays off, and Eric will reflect that example all year. He forms a frontline with Ben that can be truly dominant. Eric is a player who will have a lot of people talking.”

Elijah Sullivan – 5-10 junior guard. “Elijah can shoot it well,” Fredrickson said. “He’s fundamentally a very sound player. He has a high basketball IQ and that translates to the floor. He plays with high energy and grit, and he’s poised to have a big role for the Clippers this season. Elijah has also made a very big leap over the last year. I’m proud of his work ethic and he’ll see that really pay of this year.”


Jackson Meyer – 5-10 sophomore guard. One-year letter winner. “Jackson is splashy,” Fredrickson said. “He can dial it in from deep. He’s a very gifted offensive player. Jackson is very coachable, and he’ll have a sizable varsity role this year. I love his game.”

Cameron Seely – 6-1 junior forward. “Cam is a strong rebounder and defender,” Fredrickson said.

Jerren Jobe – 5-11 senior guard. “Jerren has juice he flies up and down the floor,” Fredrickson said. “He will have a nice role this season. He plays hard.”

Michael Sullivan – 5-11 senior guard. One-year letter winner. “Michael can shoot well,” Fredrickson said. “As a senior he will see the game slow down this year. Michael can be impactful for us this season.”

Carter Dylla – 5-10 sophomore guard. “Carter is one of the best passers in our program,” Fredrickson said. “He’s going to be a very special player for the Clippers down the road. He’s got it.”

Kolby Gens – 6-2 sophomore forward. One-year letter winner. “Kolby will be a valuable reserve big man for us this season,” Fredrickson said. “He will thrive in JV games. He has a very bright future.”


Brendon Brown, Austin Gibeau and Daniel Rohlfing

“All three will be missed,” Fredrickson said. “I was proud of their leadership and the way they competed every day.


While it was a given that the Clippers would be down last year after graduating some big names from the prior season, with a 6-19 overall record, they underperformed expectations. The Clippers finished last in the conference last season after winning three-straight conference championships. Avenging an earlier season loss, host Sleepy Eye made for a one-and-done Clipper boys post season with a 66-55 win.


“The section is completely loaded again this season with four of the top ranked teams in the state residing in Section 2A (BOLD, Mayer Lutheran, Springfield and New Ulm Cathedral),” Fredrickson said. “However, the Conference race is pretty wide-open. Martin County West, the reigning conference champion, finished last season unbeaten in the Valley and is probably the favorite. Nicollet is strong. ML/GHEC/T has size and is a factor. St. Clair is always talented, and their underclassman are legit. Loyola also has a very good returning group. Madelia houses one of the conference’s best players. But it’s my expectation that the conference championship comes back home to Cleveland. As far as the section goes, teams can have their rankings, but I know who we are. More so I know who we can become, and that’s a very dangerous team in March. We are talented and motivated, and this team is different. With an overall developed toughness and maturity, we are a team that is ready to perform and meet expectations this year. Come out and support the Clippers.”


– The number of wins the Clippers had last season. If they unite as a team, that should be easy for them to top this year…by a wide margin.

– The number of points Cleveland lost by to MCW last season. MCW was unbeaten in conference. The Clippers will carry this potential forward this year. They just have to unleash it.

11.29 – The Clippers tip-off: Black Friday in Wabasso 

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