The Tri-City United Titans football team just couldn’t keep up Friday, when the Marshall Tigers overwhelmed the Titans 49-6.

“[It was] another tough road trip for us,” said TCU Football Coach Ken Helland. “Marshall has a very big and physical team. Our guys played hard but Marshall was just bigger and faster than us.”

Marshall came out the gate with a 20-point lead in the first quarter. With a little over 5 minutes left in the first quarter, TCU was soon overwhelmed by a string of three touchdowns from the opposition. Marshall quarterback Konnor Aufenthie threw two back-to-back touchdown passes while the team’s running back Gabe Raini ran 54 yards to the endzone for a third touchdown. The Tigers were also able to collect two PATs.

The Titans continued to flounder in the second quarter, and Marshall gained another 22 points on TCU. Another three consecutive touchdowns, two successful field goals and a two point conversion pass brought the Tigers lead up to 42-0.

In the second half of the game, the Titans were able to pull together a better defense, but it wasn’t enough to catch up. Marshall ran a 15-yard touchdown in the third quarter and collected a successful field goal.

The Titans were able to make several successful plays in the fourth quarter. The team prevented Marshall from adding to their lead and TCU quarterback Dawson Gindt ran 100 yards to the endzone off a fumble return. However, by the fourth quarter it was too late for the Titans to catch up.

Despite the loss, TCU did have some stand out performances. Junior runningback Kayden Factor led the team in rushing with 11 attempts, 28 gains and six losses, earning a 2.0 average. Factor was also the team’s top performer on defense. The runningback landed three unassisted tackles and 5 assisted tackles. Junior wide receiver Matthew Rabenberg was the team’s top receiver completing one attempt over 25 yards.

“We did make several really good plays throughout the game just not enough,” said Helland. “We are getting better and will work hard to improve in all areas.”

With this loss, the Titans season record stands at 0-2.

The Titans will hold their next game at home against Jordan at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13.

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