The Tri-Legion baseball team ended its inaugural season on Friday following two consecutive losses in the playoffs. The budding team suffered a 13-3 loss to Kenyon Wanamingo in the first round of the tournament and was knocked out of the consolation bracket by Watertown 11-0.

Kenyon Wanamingo threw off Tri-Legion with hard-to-hit pitches and racked up eight runs before Tri-Legion scored. The opposing team benefited from three errors in the bottom of the first and collected five runs off a single and two doubles.

Pitcher Jayson Macho held off Kenyon Wanamingo in the second inning with a strikeout and two pop outs, but Kenyon Wanamingo took advantage of two more errors and a hit by pitch in the third inning to capture their sixth, seventh and eighth runs.

Tri-Legion finally found an opening in the top of the fourth inning. Nolan Readmond, Max Krautkramer and Chris Johnson loaded up the bases on three singles before Mavrick Birdsell knocked in Readmond with a single. Devin Whiteis hit a fly ball that Kenyon-Wanamingo failed to catch, allowing Krautkramer and Johnson to cross home plate.

At 8-3 with three innings left, Tri-Legion had a long shot chance at victory. Kenyon Wanamingo expanded the gap even further with two runs in the bottom of the fourth. Tri-Legion locked the opposing team in a scoreless fifth inning, but Kenyon Wanamingo earned the runs they needed in the sixth inning to end the game early. With two outs on the board, Kenyon Wanamingo hit a double, then a triple and scored on an error to take the 13-0 win.

Tri-Legion’s top scorers were Nolan Readmond, Max Krautkramer and Chris Johnson, with one run each, and Mavrick Birdsell led with one RBI. Jayson Macho pitched for the first three innings and threw 44 strikes and had three strikeouts over 66 pitches, while giving up six hits and eight runs. Nolan Readmond pitched the next three and threw two strikeouts and 35 strikes over 47 pitches, while giving up five hits and five runs.

Facing Watertown in the consolation bracket, Tri-Legion was shut out by a nine-run lead in the early game. Watertown jumped ahead in the first inning 5-0 after advancing a batter to third base on an error, hitting three consecutive singles, sending a batter into home on an error and scoring another batter on a passed ball.

Tri-Legion struggled to hit, while Watertown was relentless in their advance. Watertown scored two more runs in the second inning on a double, an error, a single, a walk and a hit by pitch. They then collected two more runs in the third inning on two walks and two sacrifices.

Tri-Legion stayed in the game, even at a 9-0 deficit, as pitcher Chris Johnson held Watertown scoreless through the fourth, fifth and sixth innings, but Tri-Legion couldn’t muster up enough hits to score. Watertown finally added two more runs in the seventh off of a double, a walk, a hit by pitch and a single that knocked in two runners.

By the end of the game, Tri-Legion collected four hits, no runs and suffered six strikeouts. Max Krautkramer pitched the first 2⅔ innings and threw 41 strikes and one strikeout over 79 pitches, while giving up six hits and nine runs. Chris Johnson pitched the rest of the game and gave up three hits and two runs, while throwing 40 strikes and five strikeouts over 70 pitches.

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