Jayce Luna

Henderson’s Jayce Luna started on the mound in Friday’s Region 6C playoff game vs. Morristown. Luna pitched for six innings, throwing six strikeouts and two walks. (Mike Randleman/Faribault Daily News)

The Henderson Tigers ended their season last Friday, losing 4-2 to the Morristown Morries. The loss came after the Tigers lost 1-6 to the Jordan Brewers and defeated the Janesville Jays 5-4 in the losers’ playoff bracket.

Friday’s game in Le Sueur opened with the Tigers fielding. Tiger’s pitcher Jayce Luna started the top of the first by putting down the Morries 1-2-3, beginning what would become a four-inning stalemate where neither team would produce a run. The Morries proved they could pitch just as well as the Tigers, and Henderson’s time at bat was quickly ended with two strikeouts and a flyout to the shortstop.

Morristown’s Kyle Green was the first to make it on base, taking a walk in the second inning, Any hopes that the Morries would make it home were dashed when they flew out to Henderson center fielder John Parker.

Tigers’ batter Chris Boehne hit a single in the bottom of the second, becoming the first player to produce a hit for Henderson. Boehne took third thanks to a single from James Van Buskirk.

However, Boehne’s chance to take home was ended when the Morries completed a double play after Grant Miller grounded out to shortstop, forcing out Buskirk on second and then Miller on first.

Both teams continued to not make progress in the third. Henderson once again put down Morristown 1-2-3. The Tiger’s time at bat was also short, with only one batter, John Parker, making it on base with a single.

Luna struck out all three Morristown batters in the fourth, but the Tigers continued to have little success in hitting. Philip Champagne made it on first after being hit by a pitch, but was forced out at second in a fielder’s choice while Boehne took first. The Tigers then flew out, ending the fourth.

Morristown ended the stalemate in the fifth and put the first run on the board. Green hit a single and advanced to second on a wild pitch. Tate Harmon then batted in Green with a double.

It wasn’t over for the Tigers though; the team gained the upper hand in the bottom half of the inning. With two outs on the board, Zack Steuck was able to collect the Tigers’ first run. Stueck began by hitting a single and took third after a double from John Parker. Greg Graham then took the plate and batted in both Stueck and Parker with a single, putting the Tigers in the lead, 2-1.

Henderson’s lead would end up being short-lived. At the top of the sixth, Morries batter Ben Lamont opened with a triple and was walked to home by Bradley van Denise. Denise collected another run for Morristown, followed by Brent Volbrecht who secured a third run.

With the game at 4-2, it was up to Henderson take back the lead, but the team wasn’t up to the task.

At the bottom of the sixth, the Tigers grounded out three straight times. Henderson continued to excel at fielding and pitcher Adam Arnst, who took over for Luna in the sixth, prevented the Morries from scoring the rest of the game, but collecting runs proved beyond the Tigers’ reach.

The game was one for the pitchers, and the Tigers owed much of their success throughout to Jayce Luna and Adam Arndt, who were often successful in keeping the Morries from hitting. Luna pitched for six innings and threw six strikeouts and two walks. Arndt threw for three, and in that time, threw no strikeouts and no walks.

John Parker was the games’ lead hitter, managing to collect one run, two singles and a double. He batted at .317 throughout the whole season.

Henderson ended its season with a record of 8-12.

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