It’s been a long time coming for the Tri-City United boys basketball team (1-12), but on Tuesday, Dec. 14 the boys finally had reason to celebrate. The Titans faced Shattuck-St. Mary’s and took home their first win of the season in a resounding 65-31 victory.

The boys opened the game with a strong lead and continued to build on it from there. Players like Hank Holicky and Matthew Radenberg delivered a decisive 47-17 lead over Shattuck in the first half. Holicky was a consistent scorer for the Titans, leading the team with 23 points and completing seven two-pointers in the first half alone. Radenberg made three long-distance three-point shots to collect 18 points. He also had one of the standout moments of the game when he completed a Hail Mary three-pointer as the buzzer ran out.

In the second half, the Titans had already racked up a big enough lead to slow things down. The boys netted just 18 more points while Shattuck collected 14 more, but TCU was in a strong enough position that even with Shattuck St. Mary’s gains, the opposing team wasn’t even close to overtaking the Titans.

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