The Le Sueur Henderson boys basketball team pushed Sibley East into overtime on Feb. 9, but it wasn't enough to take home the win. After tying the game up 58-58, the Wolverines topped the Giants 72-67.

Sibley East held the advantage in the opening of the game, finishing the first half 26-21. But even with some catching up to do, the Giants were up to the task. Le Sueur-Henderson gained 37 points in the second, overtaking the Wolverines 32 and tying up the game.

Top scorers of the night included Nathan Gregersen with 22 points, Gage Bishop with 15, Lukas Graff with 14 and Zach Berndt with nine. Bishop also led in rebounds collecting 123 total, followed by Gregersen with eight and Bishop with seven. Graff led in assists with four.

However, the Giants comeback was stopped short in overtime. Le Sueur-Henderson collected a total of nine points, but Sibley East ran ahead of them with 14. 

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