Happy month of May to all those in Le Sueur and Henderson. The weather is finally looking to turn to be warmer and the spring activities might be able to get all of their regular-season contests completed. I know the farmers have been waiting patiently to get into the fields, but there are signs of progress finally coming.

The first week of May celebrates “Teacher Appreciation Week.” This is a great time with the changing of the season to reflect on the growth throughout the year the students have done under the direction of the staff.

The impact our teachers make in the eyes of our students can never be underestimated. As adults, most of us can remember many things about our teachers. I want to recognize and thank our teachers for getting our students through some difficult times over the past couple of years.

It was not easy and created many tough situations the staff had to deal with for our students. Having the opportunity to see the growth of our students and knowing we have many great staff there to aid in the students’ growth is reassuring that the future is bright.

Our students will be finishing up their regular season contests in the next couple of weeks. There have been a lot of accomplishments the students have earned through their hard work. If you have some open time in the evenings, come out and cheer our students on. They feed off the cheers from the crowd, as it provides an increased level of motivation.

As the district moves to the summer, there will be lots of planning going on as we evaluate our results from our MCA scores. This data will give us some needed insight as to what things are going well and what areas we want to improve. During this time, the district will also be revamping the strategic plan to set new goals and vision for the district in the future.

This plan will help keep the district focused on the goals and expectations needed to set the tone that both communities expect. There will be many discussions I will be having with the school board members as we reset what we expect the future to look like. There are many great things happening and even more great things yet to come for the district.

Have a great day, and go Giants!

Jim Wagner, Le Sueur-Henderson Schools Superintendent.

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