To the editor:

When I launched my campaign for Senate District 20, I made a public promise:

I would never run an attack ad against my opponents and would denounce attack ads run by outside organizations supporting my campaign.

I am an old school, pro-business, center-left Democrat who remembers a Minnesota from long before the smear campaign, scorched-earth politics of today. As a citizen and veteran, I am deeply disappointed by the politics of division, fear-mongering, and resentment.

Leaders unite us. Leaders lift others up. Leaders seek solutions for the common good. 

Most of all, leaders tell the truth.

We deserve leaders who will work to create a more perfect Union, where every one of us, regardless of our ethnic background, our religious beliefs, or who we love, has an opportunity to pursue prosperity, happiness, and to live in dignity.

Today, I renew my public pledge of civility. I challenge the other candidates in our district to join me in bringing civility back to politics by:

• Calling out smear tactics and deceptive advertising in any form, regardless of party affiliation.

• Putting detailed policy positions on your campaign websites so people know where you stand on issues.

• Denouncing vandalism and theft of campaign signs for those actions undermine the democratic processes of our Republic.

Early in-person voting begins Sept. 18. Get your mail-in ballot at Election day is Nov. 3.

Please vote your conscience.

Jon Olson

Candidate for Senate District 20

This letter is a paid political endorsement. 

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