Brian Mikel

ving a high school full of Titans this 2021-22 school year? It absolutely is!

Since day one of this school year, smiles on the faces of Titans have been there day in and day out. One might think that making this statement is an obvious one, but keep in mind that during the 2020-21 school year, we didn’t see smiles, as the masks that Titans and staff wore covered those incredible smiles.

Was there less laughter in the hallways, commons and classrooms? Absolutely. Was it more difficult to make those wonderful sounds of laughter? Maybe … maybe not, but there was less laughter a year ago, as we were in the hybrid learning mode of teaching and learning, had directional arrows in the hallways, wore masks daily, and social-distanced in the classrooms and on the school buses.

I don’t believe anyone — Titans, teachers, parents and guardians, or school staff — misses much of anything as far as learning is concerned from the 2020-21 school year. Yes, the last two months of the 2019-20 school year for the class of 2020 were very difficult … and the whole 2020-21 school year for the class of 2021 was very challenging as we learned how to educate young people very differently … through hybrid Learning, through Google Meets, through another bout of full distance learning done differently, and by learning the definitions of asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Not only were our teens learning, but we as adults were also learning so much in that new “norm.”

So what about 2021-22? This past week, we had our annual Veterans Day program in our Performing Arts Center, the PAC as we all passionately call this incredible place, full of Veterans, Auxiliary members, and their spouses. But just as important, the PAC was full of Titans and TCU HS faculty members. A year ago, this was not the case as we could only have our special Veteran guests in the PAC with the actual Veterans Day Program being beamed into all classrooms throughout the high school and throughout the TCU School District.

A district-wide Veterans Day Program this year, each Tri-City United school had their own program, which allowed us to honor these incredible people, these veterans, these heroes, over and over again last week on the 11th.

Yes, the new normal will be OK, but it’s also good to be back to normal.

Finally, this week — Nov. 15-19 — is American Education Week 2021; a time to give thanks to our educators, paraprofessionals, school staff, food service & custodians, bus drivers, and everyone connected with a school district. It truly takes so very many, many adult influencers to assist that early childhood/pre-school kiddos through that walk across the great stage at graduation.

Thank you to all involved in the school teaching and learning process!

Alan R. Fitterer, Principal, Tri-City United High School.

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