Define and Align Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

We are down to the final four student contact days of the 20-21 school year. The curriculum, instruction and assessment planning now is for the 21-22 school year and beyond. The science curriculum work continues this week with a group of 9-12 grade science staff spending a day working together.

The first week of June a group of administrators and teachers will meet to begin the professional development planning for the 21-22 school year with the expectation of normalcy.

The hope is to get back on a schedule of monthly early outs and professional development focused on student achievement, SEL, and other key components of the TCU Profile of a Graduate.

Improve Student Achievement

Congratulations to all of our TCU Class of 2021 graduates! Their final year of high school is definitely one they will never forget. Also, congratulations to our seniors that were recognized at the Senior Honors night ceremony on Wednesday, May 19.

It was great to see a large variety of students receiving scholarships from the different community organizations. TCU Schools, our students, and our families are extremely fortunate to have the outstanding support of people in all three communities.

Raise the Capacity for Engagement and Dialogue

TCU Schools had a table/booth at both the Le Center Kickoff to Summer Event and the Lonsdale Street Fair/Business Expo on Thursday, May 20th. Staff were well received as there were good numbers of visitors at each site. These are great opportunities to continue to share the wonderful things happening across the school district.

It has been shared in this update regarding a Comprehensive Facilities Assessment that Sitelogiq is completing for the district. One component of that assessment is gathering information from staff through the use of Comfort and Functional Needs surveys.

Lonnie Seifert the superintendent of Tri-City United Schools. Reach him at or 507-364-8101.

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