It is not unusual to hear hunters lamenting that wild turkeys are hurting the native ruffed grouse population. Many believe the turkeys eat grouse eggs, fight for the same food source and make life miserable for the native grouse. Adding to the perception is that more and more turkeys are be…

I stand with cheeseburgers. It’s the most political statement I’ll make in this column all year. Food choices abound in America. A leading Democratic presidential candidate, California Sen. Kamala Harris already made headlines for her comments on how she loves cheeseburgers from “time to tim…

Letters to the Editor

Editor's Note: This letter is in response to the May 8 article in the Le Sueur County News, headlined, "Le Sueur runner finishes his first Boston Marathon."


Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools continues to head in the right direction, both on budgetary and educational issues. The Le Sueur News-Herald recommends voters continue to support Independent School District #2397 by voting yes on two ballot questions Nov. 7.

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