I got a call from my husband the other day in which he said some words I’m pretty sure he had never said in that combination before and doesn’t want to ever have to say again:

I had lined up a few farmers to do combine ride-alongs this fall. I wanted to follow up on an earlier column from this fall to ride along in farmers’ buddy seats and encourage others to participate in the #buddyseatchallenge. But with the unpredictable fall weather and late harvest, nothing …

Landlords, farmers and agri-business professionals should make plans to attend one of the free, informative meetings being held across Minnesota provided by the University of Minnesota Extension. Farm land rental rates are the largest input cost the farmer has, and determining a fair farm re…

Letters to the Editor

Editor's Note: This letter is in response to the May 8 article in the Le Sueur County News, headlined, "Le Sueur runner finishes his first Boston Marathon."


The tradition of gift-giving at Christmas time, it is said, dates all the way back to that first Christmas when the visiting magi came to the manger bearing their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Since that time, people have celebrated the birth of the Christ child or just acknowledged…

Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools continues to head in the right direction, both on budgetary and educational issues. The Le Sueur News-Herald recommends voters continue to support Independent School District #2397 by voting yes on two ballot questions Nov. 7.

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