Caucus 2020

In 2020, Minnesota isn't using a caucus system to determine presidential candidates, but the caucuses will still be used for local and state party decisions. 

Minnesota will use a primary voting system for the presidential race in March, but caucuses will still take place to help determine statewide party platforms, party delegates, and Minnesota Legislature candidates.

Le Sueur County Republican and Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) members will gather on Tuesday, Feb. 25 to learn about this year's candidates, debate resolutions for party platforms, elect new precinct chairs, and select delegates for the upcoming conventions.

Caucus night is talked about in Minnesota state statute 202A.14 which calls for precinct caucuses to be held every general election year on a date agreed to by the Republican Party of Minnesota and Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party chairs.

Precinct caucuses are the most basic beginnings of party participation. These are neighbors talking to each other about issues they want their respective parties to stand for in the coming elections. Participants at caucuses will select delegates to our county convention, congressional convention and state convention. At these conventions, delegates will endorse candidates for public office, specifically for the Minnesota Legislature and other state positions.

Caucuses are open to any resident who will be eligible to vote in the general election on Nov. 3. State law allows workers to request time off to attend the caucuses, provided they give their employers 10 days notice. Schools, universities and local governments are forbidden by law to hold events or public meetings, to allow for participation.

The Le Sueur County Republicans Precinct Caucus locations are: Cleveland High School, 400 Sixth St., Cleveland (small gym); Le Sueur City Hall, 203 S. Second St., Le Sueur (council chambers); New Prague Middle School, 721 Central Ave. N., New Prague (commons area). 

The Le Sueur County DFL Precinct Caucus locations are: Cleveland City Hall; Derryanne Township Hall; Elysian Tourism Center; Le Sueur County Courthouse; Le Sueur Public Library; Montgomery Public Library; New Prague Public Library; Ottawa Township Hall; Waterville Township Hall.

Find your precinct caucus location at

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