A man who reportedly suffers from PTSD fled law enforcement on Hwy. 99 in Cleveland, before being stopped and going to the ground as officers held him at gunpoint.

Phillip Michael Hernandez, 31, was charged with a felony for fleeing police in a motor vehicle. He reportedly told investigators that he was living with a family member in St. Peter after arriving in town from Kansas four days prior.

According to the complaint, an officer on patrol near Hwy. 99, heading east near Third Street in Cleveland, saw a vehicle passing at a high rate of speed in a noo passing zone. The officer pursued the vehicle, but it reportedly did not stop. The officer continued in pursuit of the silver Chevy down Hwy. 99 toward Le Center.

Eventually, the vehicle stopped about a mile and a half outside Cleveland. The driver, Hernandez, reportedly stepped out of the vehicle, appearing to be talking on the phone. He was instructed to get back inside. The officer called in backup, but the Hernandez allegedly took off again.

As they reached County Road 110, deputies of the Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office had set up a barrier with their vehicles, and Hernandez reportedly stopped upon reaching it. He was instructed to get out of the vehicle and on the ground, as officers kept him at gun point.

After getting on the ground, Hernandez was identified and put in a squad car. He reportedly told police that he did not stop earlier because he was afraid. According to the complaint, Hernandez "appeared to be hyperactive, paranoid and afraid." He continued to say, "Please don't shoot me." He reportedly had to be reminded why he was under arrest several times.

The complaint noted that "Hernandez appears to suffer from PTSD."

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