A Montgomery woman has been accused of receiving $1,600 in overpaid public assistance benefits for falsely claiming a child that didn’t live with her.

Anna Marissa Conteras, 40, was charged with felony wrongfully obtaining assistance for allegedly receiving more than $1,000 in public assistance based on false information.

According to a criminal complaint, Conteras applied for public assistance on February 10 while claiming a child was living with her. Conteras allegedly told DHS that the child was brought to her home by a relative from California. But the Le Sueur County DHS reportedly found that the child was already in the system receiving medical assistance under the care of their mother.

A fraud investigator believed that Conteras was illegally using the child’s information to receive extra public assistance after finding that the child lived with their biological mother., the child lived with her mother

On April 22, investigators met with Conteras. According to the complaint, Conteras repeated her story that the child was brought to her from California and that the child staying with her was different from the kid investigators said was staying with their mother.

But when investigators contacted the mother, she allegedly told police Conteras was falsely using her child’s information and was desperate for money.

Investigators called Conteras the next day and she allegedly told police she wanted to tell them the truth. According to the complaint, Conteras admitted to having financial troubles and out of desperation she lied to the DHS worker about caring for the child.

Police believed that Conteras was overpaid $118 in benefits in February and $175 in March. In addition, the criminal complaint said Conteras received a $349 overpayment in March and a $1002 overpayment in April after allegedly not including the father of her baby’s name on the public assistance application.

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