A Waseca man has been accused of breaking into and stealing from storage units in the city of Le Sueur with the aid of an Owatonna woman.

Cody James Halvorson, 27, has been charged with four counts, including felony theft, felony possession of a controlled substance, felony possession of burglary tools and petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Darian Margaret Bohlman-Reyna, 28, was charged with a felony for allegedly aiding and abetting theft and gross misdemeanor for providing a peace officer a false ID.

Halvorson was arrested on June 1 after police said they observed a suspicious vehicle at Titan Storage in Le Sueur while out on patrol. According to a police report, officers approached the vehicle and informed them the storage units were broken into the night before.

As police spoke with Halvorson, they reportedly noticed knives and a sword in the car and asked him to exit the vehicle for officer safety. Police performed a frisk and found nothing on his person but allegedly saw a glass smoking pipe in the back seat of the vehicle in plain view.

Police also found a large bolt cutter under the driver’s seat and a large hose with a glass smoking device at the end that police identified as methamphetamine paraphernalia, according to the complaint.

After searching the vehicle, officers said they found several storage units with locks missing and pried off and some with their door ajar. Eight units had been tampered with. Officers later found a large cache of items in the suspect’s vehicle, including numerous video games, knives, rifle equipment, toys, collectables, essential oils, and other miscellaneous items. One of the boxes had a name written on it belonging to the owner of one of the storage units, and they reportedly told police no one had permission to enter their unit.

When asked for identification, Halvorson provided an accurate drivers license, but police reported that the woman in the vehicle was reluctant to provide her name. According to the complaint, the officer told her they would detain her until they could confirm her identity, and the woman provided a name and said she was born in 2002. But when police ran the information through dispatch, it did not appear to match the woman. Police said she looked much older than 17 and the picture provided by dispatch resembled, but did not match the woman in the car.

When asked for her real name and age, the woman reportedly told police she was born in 1999 and provided the correct name. She was then detained in the squad car for allegedly providing a false name and police later identified her as Bohlman-Reyna. According to the police report, the woman confirmed her identity.

Bohlman-Reyna was later taken to the hospital after she allegedly told police she swallowed 2-3 grams of methamphetamine before arriving at the storage vehicle so the police wouldn’t find it.

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