A Montgomery woman is accused of stealing a truck belonging to a deceased boyfriend and selling it to her brother in Shakopee.

Debra Jane Anger, 64, and Timothy Christian Melby, 60, were both charged with felony motor vehicle theft on Nov. 8.

On Sept. 30, police were contacted by the family of the deceased alleging that the title of a 2014 black Ford F-150 was fraudulently transferred by Anger. At the time of death, a relative said the pick-up truck was fully registered in the deceased’s name and belonged to his heirs. But when they inquired about the vehicle at the DMV, they advised a new title was issued for the vehicle.

The complainant said it was clear that the deceased didn’t sign the title over to Anger because he died over a month before the new title was issued on Sept. 15.

The Sheriff’s Office queried the DVS website and found that the truck was currently registered to Melby. Law enforcement received a copy of the title on Oct. 13 with the title transfer dated Sept. 15, 2021 with an unknown signature of the deceased and the signature of Melby. Not only was the transfer dated six weeks after the death of the truck’s owner, the signature representing the deceased did not match their handwriting.

Law enforcement contacted Anger on Oct. 20 in rural Montgomery Township. According to the complaint, Anger denied forging the deceased’s signature and said she provided the title of the truck and the death certificate to her brother Melby after selling it for $8,500.

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