The Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Office filed an active warrant for the arrest of a Kasota man accused of fleeing police in a car chase.

Curt Ernest Cermak, 39, was charged with felony fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle. The warrant for his arrest was filed on April 21 and is the second of two active warrants. On April 19, police also filed an order to apprehend Cermak for allegedly violating the conditions of his release. Cermak was previously detained on a felony first-degree charge for allegedly selling a substance containing 17 grams of methamphetamine.

On April 21, police said they identified Cermak entering his blue 2006 F250 truck parked outside of a Kasota residence. Police said they pulled alongside Cermak’s car in an unmarked vehicle. Cermak allegedly fled at high speeds, and the officer believed Cermak recognized them from previous interactions.

According o the criminal complaint, the officer activated the emergency lights and tailed Cermak to an alley behind the community center to initiate a traffic stop. The officer got out of the vehicle and asked Cermak to step out of the truck, informing him that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Cermak allegedly responded that he was not aware of the warrant and asked to park his car.

The officer reportedly told Cermak to shut off the vehicle, but instead Cermak sped out of the alley. The police pursued Cermak, who was allegedly driving at 50 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. Seeing that Cermak had no intention of stopping, the police said they halted the pursuit, believing it would be hazardous to public safety.

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