A Le Sueur man was charged with five criminal counts last month after being accused of stealing a car and attempting to escape the police while intoxicated.

Glenn Everett Lewis, 48, of Le Sueur, has been charged with felony motor vehicle theft, felony first degree driving while impaired, felony fleeing a police officer, gross misdemeanor driving after cancellation IPS and a petty misdemeanor for driving past the speed limit.

According to a criminal complaint, police received a call that report that Lewis had stolen a black, 2010 Chevrolet Impala from a person he had been staying with for the past several days. The owner of the vehicle reportedly told police that they noticed their car was missing, Lewis was gone and that they never gave Lewis permission to take the Impala.

Using GPS, police say they located the Impala traveling westbound on Le Sueur County Road 26, reported to be near the intersection of Kingsway Drive and Foxborough Lane. An officer reportedly saw the vehicle drive past, and they made a U-turn to tail the Impala and turned on their lights indicating the driver should stop.

The officer said they observed the driver look in his mirrors, but instead of stopping, the Impala swerved to the left side of a semi crossing the centerline. The Impala then sped away, reportedly increasing speed to exceed 40 mph on the 30 mph roadway. The officer said he turned on his sirens and chased after the Impala, which made no attempt to stop.

Their chase eventually led to Greenfield Estates, where the driver reportedly pulled into the parking lot. The officer boxed the Impala in and drew his pistol while issuing orders to the driver. The driver was later identified as Lewis after he exited the vehicle. As the officer placed Lewis in the prone position to cuff him, they reportedly smelled alcohol in his breath and noticed that his eyes were watery and speech slurred.

After being transported to the Le Sueur County Law Enforcement Center, Lewis was reportedly given an HGN test to determine his sobriety. Lewis’ eyes appeared to move erratically to the officer. During the walk and turn, Lewis reportedly had difficulty. His Blood Alcohol Content clocked in at .095 in a preliminary breathalyzer test.

Lewis was convicted of a felony DWI seven years ago in Dakota County Court.

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