A Le Center man is accused of stealing a vehicle belonging to a person currently in prison.

Mykel Jonathan Kime, 23, of Le Center, is charged with felony motor vehicle theft in Le Sueur County District Court. In a separate case, Kime is charged with felony illegal possession of a firearm.

According to the complaint, a witness said it was originally agreed upon that Kime would fix the victim’s car, which was parked at the victim’s residence in Cleveland. At an unknown time, the vehicle was moved to a friend’s property, reportedly to be fixed. Kime and the witness later got into an argument and ended their association. When the witness asked about the location of the victim’s car, Kime allegedly would not provide any information.

The witness began asking others who knew Kime and was reportedly told in June that Kime had sold the vehicle for parts, and the her removed the vehicle from Fleming’s property a few months before. The witness then went to the Le Sueur County Sheriff to report the information.

Kime told investigators that he knew the property owner where the vehicle was stored had attempted to contact the witness to remove the vehicle and was not getting a response. Kime said he repossessed the vehicle after finding out the insurance agency was looking for it.

Another witness, a friend of Kime’s, said he saw Kime sell the vehicle to another subject for $125 cash. The vehicle was reportedly valued at $8,000. The buyer loaded the vehicle and took it to an unknown location, according to the complaint.

The owner of the vehicle, in prison, encouraged the first witness to sign a theft report. The witness later reported that Kime called them from jail to bail him out and during the conversation, the witness said Kime admitted to selling the vehicle for parts. The conversation was recorded by the witness, and the investigator confirmed that Kime admitted to the sale.

A separate complaint details a firearm charge against Kime. Investigators were searching his house related to an alleged fraud/burglary scheme Kime was accused of concocting, and they found a firearm Kime is not allowed to posses, due to previous felony convictions.

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