Hwy. 112 Project Area

Outlined roads pictured above will be targeted for improvements to pavement, street lights, storm and sanitary sewers, water mains and pedestrian trails under the Hwy. 112 turnback project. The project includes parts of Commerce Street, Ferry Street, Hwy. 112, and Bridge Street. (Photo courtesy of Le Sueur County)

The City of Le Sueur will be fielding public questioning on the Hwy. 112 turnback project Thursday Oct. 10 from 4-6 p.m. at the City of Le Sueur municipal building.

The 2020 Hwy. 112 turnback project is a joint effort between the state of Minnesota, Le Sueur County and the city of Le Sueur to reconstruct the trunk highway and transfer ownership of the highway from the state to the county. 

As part of the 112 turnback project, the city of Le Sueur has received state funds to improve roads adjacent to and connecting to Hwy. 112. The city reports that many streets in the project area are lacking in pavement conditions and suffer from poor drainage and utilities.

Several roads will see a full reconstruction including improvements to street lighting, pedestrian trails, sanitary and storm sewers and water mains. These streets include Elmwood Avenue between 356th Street and Kaukis Drive, Hwy. 112 between Kaukis and Main Street and South Second Street. In total, these improvements will cost an estimated $10 million.

In addition, the section of Hwy. 112 between Market Street and Hwy. 169 and North Main Street/Commerce Street between Bridge Street and Market Street will be rehabilitated with a mill and overlay and similar infrastructure improvements. This will come at an estimated cost of over $1 million and bring the total cost between the state, county and city to $13 million when including overhead costs.

Funding for this project will involve both county and city funds. Le Sueur County will cover 100% of the costs to roadway and surfacing work with exception of trails, which will be paid for by the city. The city will pay for sanitary sewer and water main costs, but storm sewers will be cost-shared between the county and city, with the county paying 55% of the expenses and the city paying 45%. The city of Le Sueur will pay for part of its project costs through selling a general improvement bond, enterprise and general funds and special assessments against benefiting properties.

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