An Elysian man was charged with four felonies in Le Sueur County District Court related to alleged drug sale, stolen property and an illegal firearm.

Trevor Ryan Haack, 33, of Elysian, is accused of stealing property in Sibley County, selling methamphetamine and other drugs from his home, and owning and unlawfully possessing a short-barreled shotgun.

According to the complaint, investigators were alerted to Haack after he was identified from a photograph in a crime report related to a June theft and property damage incident in Sibley County. Since his residence is in Elysian, investigators from Sibley and Le Sueur counties joined together to get a warrant and search Haack's home.

Upon arrival, officers reportedly discovered small plastic baggies that contained what appeared to be methamphetamine. A digital scale was also nearby. And in the living room, officers found a long fun and several glass pipes in plain view, according to the complaint. An investigator also reportedly found an apparent marijuana grow operation, though the plants had not yet been produced.

Later in the search, an investigator discovered a sawed off shotgun in Haack's garage, according to the complaint. The shotgun matched the description of one that been reported as stolen in April 2018 in Le Sueur County. It was identified by its make and physical description. Haack allegedly modified the firearm by shortening the barrel.

The shotgun also had a name engraved in the side. It was the name of a person who reportedly had 20 firearms and ammunition stolen from a storage locker in Waterville. 

In an interview, Haack reportedly said the methamphetamine was for personal use and not for sale. He said the shotgun was his and was given to him by his grandfather. 

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